Home - Chateau Le Crock

Wine is the soul of a place

In an enchanting setting, among woods and vines swaying on the waves, this exceptional property gives life to fine and precise wines that invite you to share in their beauty.

Home - Chateau Le Crock

The Wines

Home - Chateau Le Crock

The seasons and the years follow one another but are never the same, a diversity that makes up the richness of our region.

Discover latest vintages of our two wines:

The “grand vin”, Château Le Crock, shaped from the exceptional terroirs of Saint-Estèphe.

As well as it’s little brother or “second wine”, made primarily from the youngest vines, Château La Croix St-Estèphe.

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Everything you need at your fingertips to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of our family’s wines.

Home - Chateau Le Crock
Home - Chateau Le Crock

Our craft

Home - Chateau Le Crock

The vineyard of Château Le Crock, extends over 32 hectares of vines spread accross three distinctive areas.

Planted on deep gravel beds, the vines thrive thanks to the gravel and sand of the surface and clay in the sub-soil.   

These soils express all the characteristics of the Saint-Estèphe terroirs and give life to complex and powerful wines with an intense, tannic and fruit driven profile.

Home - Chateau Le Crock

Visit us

Home - Chateau Le Crock

Close to the Gironde Estuary, the Ocean and the stunning city of Bordeaux, escape to the wilderness of the Médoc and come discover Château Le Crock and enter the world of our wines.

Vineyards, vinification, ageing and tasting await you to reveal the secrets of this “Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel” in Saint-Estèphe!

Tours and tastings can be conducted in English & French.

Discover our tours by clicking here.

Home - Chateau Le Crock

A Historical Estate

Home - Chateau Le Crock

Built at the beginning of the 19th century by the Merman family, this magnificent château is unique in the Médoc and is listed as a regional heritage site.


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