Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

our craft

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

The Château Le Crock vineyard, with 32 hectares of vines spread over three different areas, is planted on gravel, with sandy soils on the surface and clay in the depths. These soils express all the characteristics of the Saint-Estèphe terroirs and give life to complex and powerful wines with an intense and fruit driven profile.

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

Like most of the best Médoc climates, the plots overlook the Gironde Estuary. The river acts as a natural thermal regulator, limiting temperature fluctuations and allowing the production of balanced wines from vintage to vintage.

As the bottles improve with age, so do our vines.

For Jonathan Servant, our Vineyard Manager, this is an undeniable asset that contributes to the exceptional quality of our wines. The average age of our vineyard is 50 years, with most of the best plots planted just before the Second World War. The vines become less productive as they age, allowing us to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Since the arrival of Jonathan Servant in 2015, organic farming trials have been gradually introduced in the vineyard.

Thanks to the experience gained over several years, Château Le Crock is now in the process of converting to organic farming with the certification body Ecocert from the 2022 vintage onwards.

In 2025, we will celebrate our first certified organic vintage.

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

the vines

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

The vineyard is planted with the four traditional Médoc grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

These four varieties offer numerous possibilities for blending after vinification of the different plots in the vineyard.

By far the most exciting time of the year! Determining the timing of the harvest is crucial to ensure that the fruit is picked at the optimum ripeness.
Daily tasting of the berries helps us to determine the order of the harvest, which then guides our pickers.

By far the most exciting time of the year!

The environment in which we live and work is of great concern to everyone at the Château. From the vine to the glass, all our actions and their impact are carefully considered.

Exclusive use of natural products to help the vines defend themselves against climatic risks.
HVE3 accreditation since the 2017 vintage.

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

The art of vinification

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

Once harvested and sorted, the grapes are vinified under the watchful eye of Yoann Lavigne, the cellar master.
Vats of various sizes, made of stainless steel or concrete, all temperature controlled, allow for gentle extractions that bring out the characteristics of each vintage.
With the precision of a metronome, Yoann regulates every detail with care and meticulousness so that everything works perfectly.
Isabelle Davin, who is also oenologist at Château Léoville Poyferré, passes on all her know-how with the same exacting standards as for the Grand Cru Classé of Saint-Julien.

After vinification, the young wines begin a long period of maturation, 12 to 15 months, which favours micro-oxygenation to soften the tannins and give a greater sensation of smoothness in the mouth.

The variety of barrels used allows a wide range of aromas to be expressed and the many nuances within a single vintage to be fully revealed.
Traditional 225-litre barrels and some 500-litre barrels, all made from French oak, 30% of which is renewed for each vintage. Clay amphorae are also used to enhance the fruit’s brilliance.


The team

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

Our manager, Sara Lecompte Cuvelier, is surrounded by a fantastic team who bring the estate to life throughout the year, pictured here in the château’s billiards room.

Surrounding her is her core team, supported throughout the year by dedicated staff in the vineyards and cellar, working together at every stage of the process to produce wines that are precise and true to the Château’s identity and respectful of its terroir.

From left to right: Isabelle Davin, Yoann Lavigne, Sara Lecompte Cuvelier, Jonathan Servant & Anne Cuvelier.


Our craft - Chateau Le Crock
Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

Sara Lecompte Cuvelier

Managing Director since 2018

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

Jonathan Servant

Vineyard Manager since 2015

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

Isabelle Davin

Winemaker since 2000

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

Yoann Lavigne

Cellar Master 2017

Our craft - Chateau Le Crock

Anne Cuvelier

Wine tourism & hospitality 2006